Christmas is coming, notwithstanding the COVID-19 will be a nightmare for logistics managers, they need to be prepared to optimize their  transportation plans. If you are responsible for the shipment in your company, you are on time to create a strategic plan to ship your products. Don’t lose this opportunity, the last three-month of every year are plenty of massive purchases, so it’s an excellent opportunity to increase your sales and generate  more profits.

But, how to make a plan under the current uncertainty?

You surely made some necessary changes in your business to become more flexible. Furthermore, you should have analyzed your market’s new reality, taking in consideration recent trends. The economy hasn’t stopped, just changed, so companies must do the same to overcome new paradigms.

Some advice for logistic planner during Christmas Season

Here, you will find some advice that may help you handle the supply chain for the upcoming Christmas season:

  1. Make a plan right now: Don’t wait more time to create a distribution plan for your shipments. The soonest you organize your tasks, the better. This way, you would manage problems in advance avoiding distribution problems.
  2. Keep your permissions and documents updated: This sounds basic, but it happens! Delays on approvals, certificates, and updated documents may generate extra costs and problems. Make sure to have everything ready to avoid any kind of inconvenience while shipping your product.
  3. Plan your routes: It is very convenient to handle the schedules and dates on every shipment. Evaluate the different routes taking in consideration the distance, fuel economy and the transit time at the moment you plan your shipments.
  4. Know your resources: How many transportation providers do you have at your disposal to handle urgency loads.  Remember that not all your current drivers will be available at Christmas. Consider adding new transportation providers and take in consideration any other variable that can affect your supply chain.

Don’t ever lose your optimism

This is a real nightmare, but it is something you can overcome, you are the one who better understands your market; your background is still there, it is your moment to create a plan and be ready for the upcoming season. The job remains the same; the shipment must arrive at its destination. Obstacles will always come; adaptation skills will make the difference between success or failure.

Remember that Christmas is a special season, so don’t miss the opportunity to increase your sales and grow your business; develop your plan and be ready to move your business forward!

Christmas is a blessing. Don’t forget It is also the best time to create good memories with your family and loved ones, not to be worried about late deliveries, rejection or lack of capacity. You can count on GO TO TRUCKERS to make your life easier, we will be glad to help you execute your shipping plans by getting reliable carriers to ship your product on time.

Ship safe, ship with GO TO TRUCKERS