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About Us

GO TO TRUCKERS is an innovative company. We are a forward thinking organization that use technology to solve problems in the transportation industry. One of our main objectives is to provide freight transportation, connecting customers to hundreds of thousands of trucks by developing the most efficient solution available in the market for shippers and truckers. Saving time and money through the use of a friendly mobile application is part of the many services that we aim to provide; allowing our clients to take control of their businesses and improve their capabilities. Our philosophy is to offer the most reliable service and cost efficient system for dispatching trucks implementing technology available at our costumers´ fingertips.


I have goods to move from point A to point B


I want to move more freights


Our support team is ready to help you


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Free to use

Our service and app are free. We pay you for each load that you do using GTT.

More loads, less hassle

Get more loads per day delivered right to your phone. No need to haggle and wonder if you’ll get the job; accept the offer and it’s yours.

More money faster

We’ll process your payment within 24 hours of completing a job with the GO TO TRUCKERS app.

Grow your fleet

Easily dispatch jobs to your drivers and track their progress from our app. GO TO TRUCKERS makes it easy to grow your business.


Meet Shippers

Stop searching for carriers

GO TO TRUCKERS works with vetted local and regional carriers offering guaranteed capacity on all shipments.

Get upfront pricing

Get instant spot pricing or contracted rates on all your shipping lanes. The quoted price is what you'll pay.

Know where your trucks are

GO TO TRUCKERS's innovative shipper technology offers real-time GPS tracking of all freight and sends automatic progress updates for each shipment.

Easily integrate GO TO TRUCKERS into your workflow

GO TO TRUCKERS offers flexible integration into your current shipping software.


Good service and system, I am looking forward to keep working with you.

- Hugo Brunicardi

Thank GTT to help me finding backhaul every time that I work for your company. Your service is incredible.

- Josh Janusz

Thank GTT for give me loads consistently.

- Carlos Naranjo

I am happy to work with GTT because I get my payment on time all the time

- Francesco Campione


Friend thank you for being so diligent and always on the lookout. Your customer service is great. Flamingo Corp and Supply

- Pily Hernandez Rodriguez

I am viewing your account and I wanted to let you know your transport company looks really awesome. I wish all the companies I work with were as dedicated as GO TO TRUCKERS!

- Kyle Hail

GO TO TRUCKERS meet my highest expectations of quality service.

- Luisana Caballero

Again, thank you for reaching out to us and being so persistent. Your service is the best.

- Peter First

I never have any complaints when I book my loads with GTT

- Michael Starkman

I like GTT. I will be in touch with you about the Napoleon load next week. We look forward to working with you.

- Sabrina Sandheinrich

Contact Us

If you have any question about GTT or how we can support your business, please contact us. Our Customer Service Team is ready to help you


phone +1 (847) 508 7965

room Mailing Address: 5233 Arcadia St, Skokie, ILL, USA.