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Employment Description “Community Manager”

We are looking to hire a good community manager not  just to “hanging out” on our social media or forums all day. In GO TO TRUCKERS community managers are often the first in line to help shippers and carriers to engage with our core business, helping drive sales, retain customers and grow our brand.

In GO TO TRUCKERS the community manager has four responsibilities: growth our business, create new engagement, listen our customers, and improvement the quality of our service. Here’s a peek into what each terms means, and how the community managers  that we are looking for achieve their goals:

1- Growth our business:

The role of a community manager in GO TO TRUCKERS is pivotal in getting more shippers and carriers not only to our community, but actively involved in our community, which is commonly referred to as “driving early adoption.” To do this, we are looking to hire community managers with a great capacity to perform the following tasks:

1.1- Searching relevant terms, topics, and/or keywords to find blogs to comment on, niche networks to participate in, or questions to answer.

1.2- Using various social media platforms to have conversations with potential users (Shippers and Carriers)

1.3- Creating blogger outreach campaigns.

1.4- Creating brand advocates or “evangelists” from existing community members.

1.5- Growing relevant followers and fans to our social media accounts .

1.6- Participating in relevant Twitter chats and attending industry-specific networking events.

2- Create new engagement:

In GO TO TRUCKERS  we want that our Community managers have the capability to humanize our brand by connecting with our customers. The engagement process can be build by:

2.1- Creating, distributing, and/or sharing relevant content in our web page and social networks.

2.2- Monitoring forum, replying to threads, and answering shippers and carriers questions.

2.3- Making personal connections with users by speaking with them on a regular basis.

2.4- Moderating blog and social media comments and respond accordingly.

3- Listen  customer’s needs:

We are looking for community manager capables of listen our customers “shippers” and “carriers” feedback and social media metrics to evaluate our community on a regular basis by:

3.1- Speaking directly with shippers and carriers, whether that be via social media, email, on the phone, or in person.

3.2- Asking carriers and shippers for feedback, either directly or by polling.

3.3- Measuring the brand’s social media analytics.

3.4- Monitoring online presence of the community

4- Improvement quality service:

GO TO TRUCKERS is rapidly implementing  technological changes in the transportation industry. For our brand evolution is crucial in any aspect of the business, including our online community. Our community manager should be building on the “listening” phase with the following to ensure that our community doesn’t fall behind:

    4.1- Monitoring competition and industry trends to determine what they are doing better, how they are doing it, and how this information can improve our community.

    4.2- Testing new social media platforms as they arise and determine which are a good fit for the company and implementing accordingly.

    4.3- Working as the middleman between the shippers and carriers and the internal development team to improve user experience.

    By incorporating growth, engagement, listening, and improvement, a strong community manager will spend her day giving GO TO TRUCKERS a human voice.


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